Container transportation via the ports of Ukraine
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Container transportation via the ports of Ukraine

Container transportation is the best solution for quick and safe cargo transportation of any complexity. This type of transportation allows delivering cargo "door to door", i.e. warehouse from the sender's warehouse to the consignee's warehouse, using different means of transport.

Cargo container has a strong, reliable, fully enclosed, moisture-resistant design allowing to carry the containers packaged goods and piece goods of wide range.

International container sea shipping is an opportunity to deliver your cargo anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time. Advantages: cargo safety and relatively low price in comparison with other transportation by other means.

Since sea shipping is not a fully independent mode of transport, ensuring the delivery of cargo "door to door", we develop various multimodal schemes customized for the client..

Extensive experience and stable partnerships with leading container lines allow providing service for you at the best rates and minimize the terms of transporting containers in Ukraine and international destinations.

Due to the versatility of cargo transportation in containers the scheme may be extended by automobile and railway transport, while avoiding the cargo repacking. This can significantly reduce the terms of cargo delivery.

The necessary element of quality container transportation is continuous control over the movement of cargo on the planned route, tracking all stopping points and precise meeting of deadlines. The experts of our company will always keep you informed and provide with all the necessary information about the whereabouts of your goods, the terms of its loading, routing and delivery.

Our company guarantees high quality of service, meeting the timelines and safety rules.

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