Container transportation via the ports of Ukraine
Warehouse logistics
Chartering and forwarding services for general and breakbulk cargoes
Oversized, heavy and dangerous cargoes
Railway cargo transportation

Oversized, heavy and dangerous cargoes

Regional and international transportation of both oversized and heavy and dangerous goods are carried by our company with strict adherence to the basic standard rules and recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods of the United Nations Organization, as well as the regulations of the ministries and agencies regulating the transportation of hazardous and oversized cargo.

The range of services for road transportation includes:

  • selection of the optimal mode of delivery, fixing scheme;
  • route development and negotiating cargo transportation conditions;
  • obtaining permits and necessary approvals;
  • organization and control of fastening, loading, reloading and unloading;
  • organization of transport escort.

The range of services for sea shipping includes:

  • chartering a vessel for partial or full load;
  • obtaining permits and approvals required in ports;
  • organization of cargo receiving and transshipment in ports;
  • providing warehouse or terminal storage;
  • organization of inport forwarding.

Oversized and hazardous cargo rail transportation includes:

  • negotiating cargo rail transportation;
  • allocation of required for loading flatcars, open wagons and special wagons for  carrying dangerous goods;
  • development and approval of fastening schemes, loading and unloading;
  • control over fastening, loading and reloading of cargo on railway rolling stock.

Each transportation of oversized, heavy or dangerous goods is performed individually, according to the request of our customers.

We are happy to answer all your questions referring to registration of accompanying documents, restrictions and conditions of carrying hazardous and oversized cargoes.

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