Container transportation via the ports of Ukraine
Warehouse logistics
Chartering and forwarding services for general and breakbulk cargoes
Oversized, heavy and dangerous cargoes
Railway cargo transportation

About company

"Shtef Logistic" provides services in the sphere of transportation and integrated transport solutions.

Our mission is joining the forces of water, air and land with the innovative systems that will help you optimize the management of the full range of your logistics needs.

The main objective of the company is providing quality services for the organization of sea, road, railway and air transportation on the positions of an integrated approach in solving any traffic tasks.

Our positioning:

  • Smart business.

Providing comprehensive solutions of the tasks in export-import operations. Professional solutions of complicated cases. Optimizing cargo routing schemes and budget costs. Qualified risk management.

  • Reliability.

Merging of business culture, systems and processes needed to ensure the reliability and transparency of each transaction necessary for customer.

  • Innovativeness.

Development of the individual transaction scheme based on the best practices and key trends in the development of logistics.

  • Quality.

Efficiency in customer service. Clear mechanism for transactions. Flexibility in dealing with complex issues combined with strict quality control of the services provided.

The domestic capital of "Shtef Logistic" is our team.

We strive to ensure that each employee of the company can fully realize their intellectual and professional potential. We always encourage innovative ideas and suggestions on improving the service standards.

We are aware that only a close-knit team of highly skilled professionals can achieve success in the market for international transportation and forwarding.

All of the above allows our customers to trust us, and managing their business, work to increase the level of competitiveness in the markets.

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