Container transportation via the ports of Ukraine
Warehouse logistics
Chartering and forwarding services for general and breakbulk cargoes
Oversized, heavy and dangerous cargoes
Railway cargo transportation

Warehouse logistics

A separate link in the chain of services provided by our company is given to cargo transshipment at own port terminal, which is located in the vicinity of Odessa Sea Commercial Port. The terminal provides services in the organization of transshipping bulk, liquid, packaged and piece goods, on direct scheme and with storage in our warehouses.

At your disposal:

  • open and covered storage spaces of different areas with auto-ramp and a railway line;
  • 80-ton motor-truck scales;
  • crane up with capacity of up 36 tons;
  • fork lifter with capacity of up to 10 tons;
  • pneumatic grain and belt overloaders with capacity from 15 to 120 tons / hour;
  • equipment for transhipment liquid cargo;
  • equipment for packaging crops into bags from 15 to 50 kg;
  • safekeeping, 24-hour security, video surveillance on the territory of  the warehouse.

We offer a comprehensive handling of goods on loading/unloading to/from the container/vehicle/train carriage both on our the territory, and, if necessary, at the place of your cargo location .

We offer packing of bulk goods in big bags and bags using modern equipment, sorting and palletizing of goods, their repackaging, labeling, goods accounting, as well as document control, registration of shipping documents.

Our terminal also provides storage services for empty 20' and 40' foot containers necessary to ensure transportation of your cargo volumes.

Additionally, we can offer you the services of cargo passing certification in the quarantine service, veterinary service, the Chamber of Commerce, perform customs declaration of cargo in the ports of Ukraine and passing port formalities.

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