Container transportation via the ports of Ukraine
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Chartering and forwarding services for general and breakbulk cargoes
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Chartering and forwarding services for general and breakbulk cargoes

If you need to transport or a ship party or a part of ship party "Shtef Logistic" is ready to charter all types of vessels for your planned dates and destinations.

The main advantage of concluding charter contract for transporting general and bulk cargo is saving the time the consignment spends in the way and the cost of shipping, as well as the possibility of carrying batches of oversized cargo.

The range of services you can order from us includes:

  • chartering sea vessels;
  • forwarding of general and breakbulk cargo;
  • tracking of vessels;
  • settlement of disputes with shipowners/charterers/port services;
  • the provision of additional services on cargo insurance, surveyor inspection of vessel/cargo.

Given the nature of the cargo, batch size and route our specialists will develop for you the most efficient scheme of cargo delivery.

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