Container transportation via the ports of Ukraine
Warehouse logistics
Chartering and forwarding services for general and breakbulk cargoes
Oversized, heavy and dangerous cargoes
Railway cargo transportation

Railway cargo transportation

Railway cargo transportation - is the safest and most economical type of transportation on land.

The full range of freight forwarding services includes:

  • payment of railway rate;
  • executing railway bills and the complete package of commodity-transport documents;
  • drawing up schemes and layouts of cargo loading and matching them with the railroad;
  • performing handling operations using specialized equipment;
  • fastening and unfastening of cargo in covered wagons, open wagons and platforms;
  • cargo tracking throughout the route in real time;
  • ensuring full control of transshipment at the borderline and other stations;
  • notifying the recipient of the date and time of the cargo arrival;
  • consulting on organization and formalization of transportation.

Railway transportation is extremely reliable because it is held according to a clear and proven pattern with real time tracking system.

Our team organizes railway goods transportation in containers and wagons to any stations in Ukraine, CIS, Europe, Asia, as well as from any of these regions to Ukraine.

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